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Customs Declaration


EUREPORT GmbH also offers data gathering for the following Customs requirements:


Crew Effects  (included into the declaration for the “Single Window”, if provided by the Member State. If not, upon request!)


For the declaration according to the regulations valid for “ICS” (Directive 1875/2002EU) and “Temporary Storage” (Union Customs Codex, National and Local requirements) EUREPORT GmbH will nominate the partner company BREMER SCHIFFSMELDEDIENST Kapt. P.Langbein e.K. (BSMD) for the declaration. BSMD is highly experienced in the data gathering according to these requirements and is an acknowledged provider in several EU- Member States. For details please visit the section “BSMD” or www.bsmd.de.


If EUREPORT GmbH will decide to offer this service in addition to BSMD, we will keep you updated.