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Welcome to EUREPORT GmbH!


EUREPORT GmbH is a service provider dedicated to the needs of Captains, ship agencies and shipping companies. Our 24/7/365 operative office is your competent partner for the manual gathering of data into IT-systems and databases. Our experienced staff will help you to fulfill the requirements of international, European, national, regional and local laws, bye-laws and directives to make the port-call of your ships as smooth as possible.

EUREPORT GmbH was established as the „international department“ of the BREMER SCHIFFSMELDEDIENST, with more than twenty years experience in dealing with these complex issues.


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Our 24/7/365 contact details:

Phone:             +49 (0)421- 63 69 69 69

Fax:                +49 (0)421- 63 69 69 70

Email:             report@eureport.de


Mail address:

EUREPORT GmbH - Ueberseetor 20 - D-28217 Bremen - Germany